Co - Curricular Programme

Diksha International School gives great importance to co-curricular activities besides catering to the academic needs of its students. So it offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to students of all age groups to develop mind, body and spirit for all round development. Qualities like courage, camaraderie, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship prepared students to face the challenges of life. So every student is inspired to take part in extracurricular activities of his choice.
The school organizes different kinds of events like games, sports, yoga, art and craft periodically but in the end of the academic year the annual events are organized wherein all the students from Nursery to class – XII are stimulated to be the participants. Every child is encouraged to participate in outdoor and indoor games and sports like cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc to

develop a healthy active life and strong leadership. Judo, karate and kick boxing are also parts of sports curriculum. Physical exercise, yoga and meditatation sessions are held to make children physically and mentally placid. All the students of Std. V to X are enrolled in either SCOUTS / GUIDIES or N.S.S in the field of extracurricular activities.
DIS is devoted to achieving excellence in all spheres of activities that it undertakes .Opportunities are provided to develop student’s talent in fine arts, music, dance and many more exhilarating areas. A student has a vast panorama to choose from instrumental and vocal music, dance, (classical), drawing and painting, clay modeling and sculpture etc. they are stimulated to be a potter, sculptor, fine artists, cultural artists etc through their activity classes Participation in these activities develop a student’s confidence communication skill cultural understanding and heritage. The school announces the commencement of the activity classes of Chess, Hindustani Vocal Instrumental music/harmonium Gymnastics, Drawing &painting, Zudo karate ,Conversational Skills, Classical & non Classical Dance, Horse riding, Military Training etc. for every academic year.
Experiential activities such as presentation, project works, group discussion debates, quizzes, Role plays, work shops and seminars enhance student’s, ability to think scientifically and critically with problem solving attitudes. Calendar (Activity Calendar) of different activities& house activities are provided to the students. Weekly activity period are conducted in the school according to the activity calendar. Students are promoted to take part in essay writing, elocution, recitation, literary work, publication and works of special interest including community service to develop their skills to accomplice their academic learning. Character building and development of spiritual virtues are imparted to the regularly to the students through the preaching of moral science.
The school also organizes Science Exhibition, Art & craft Exhibition and others in the school premises. Culture and tradition are the invaluable treasure inherited by us.To create conscious and alert our future citizens a number of observations like Earth day World AIDS Day , World Aged Day, Literacy Day, World Ozone Day, Population Day, Universal brotherhood Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Martyrs Day, Netaji Jayanti, Children’s Day, Teachers Day are organized. Parent’s day and yearly get togher are also held in the school premises .our Culture and tradition are the invaluable treasure .To acquaint with the diversified culture enriched tradition a number of tradition like Saraswati puja, Holi &Id Milan, X-mas etc. are organized and celebrated.
Meaningful Field-Trips, Tours, Trekking and Excursions are organized to form an extension of class room activities with a view to develop sensitivity to environment, geographical diversity and the culture and history of our country.
The School has a mini auditorium for the school functions debates, quizzes, fairs and demonstrations etc.