Aims & Objectives

DIS aims at providing quality education with holistic approach to students. Its aim to make the young generation well versed with fundamentally stronger conceptualization, visualization and applicability to nurture them for bright, careeristic and splendid future. We at DIS focus our dedication towards evoking a passion for learning and developing a safe, supportive and caring atmosphere of equality and mutual understanding and respect, unity and integrity, ethics and ethos as well as moral values, social and cardinal values, occidental and oriental values discipline and co-operation duty and responsibilities, social and environmental awareness, innovative and proactive attitudes, modern and relevant skills that can enhance its students mental and intellectual arena, physical and moral attainments and spiritual thinking. It takes every care to its students for a well balanced, integrated and all around development of mind, body and soul and

make them perfectly fit and confident to cope with the challenges of the new socio-economic order of the Information Age . The school's goal is to serve the nation by imparting right education with innovative techniques but best suited to Indian background to the children of all communities with a view to prove their excellence in community service as well as in education and enable them to understand their grand past and create a great future. It's is committed and determined to provide a fertile ground to help the younger blooming buds to turn out to be successful floral trees, mature, ,spiritually-oriented, strong-charactered, active, useful, true, responsible and worthy aromic flowery citizens of India and the world at large. Its mission is to mould the children into innovative, dynamic and successful global knowledge leaders with a view to prove their excellence in every field of their lives and exceed beyond the limits.