Vice Principal

That makes one earn name and fame by playing a fair and honest game. Literacy is not the final aim as this concept is narrow and lame. To make an ideal citizen is the goal. With a progressive brain and soul. The one that builds and strengthens every nation, Is none other than education. Dear Young Indians /Freshers/Parents/Guardians When thinking of education most of us picture the pupil as a sort of animate sausage casing. Into this empty casing the teachers are supposed to stuff education but genuine education, as Socrates discovered thousand year ago, “Is not to crowd the human brain with mere information but to elicit knowledge from within him; It is the drawing out of what is already in mind”.
Education does not merely end with acquisition of knowledge or its application, but enclosures development of habits attitude and skills which help a man to lead a full and worthwhile life. Education should lift one’s mind from the blind alleys of ignorance. It should be emancipation from the drudgery of earning one’s living.

The system of “DIKSHA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” allows children to realize that they have a potential energy; a creative aptitude has to evolve. In Diksha International School campus a child feels free to ask questions and even to question the answers! Diksha International School provides the proper encouragement, acertain degree of freedom of expression of thought and most of all the smiles and encouragement of teachers. Our positive efforts widens the child’s vision .The strong root enable children to fly and reach out their Dreams and Destination.
Our mission is to provide every child with a strong and unshakable foundation on which to launch his dreams. Our goal is to establish affordable centre of Educational Excellence. Diksha International School is the school that tangibly demonstrate and exemplify the qualitative and cost effective delivery of holistic education. Our continuous effort enable the delivery of quality education to those who are normally excluded from this. Diksha International School is going to start 10+2 Classes (Science & Commerce) from the year 2016.We are committed to make our 10+2 campus excellent in education. Our well qualified and eminent teachers are dedicated to shape the dreams of the students. Preparation for Medical, Engineering, C.A. entrance examination is additional important part of it. So, “Hitch your wagon to a star”. Follow your dreams and pursue your goals Single Mindedly.
    My best wishes are with my students. May they always have the spirit to reach for the skies.

Thanking You!
Sanjay Singh (Vice Principal)