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Fee Charge

Details are given in a separate sheet

The fee and charges must be paid in advance as per prescribed schedule. If the fees are paid after 10 Th of the said month, a late fee of Rs.50/- would be charged up to 30th of the month. A fine of Rs. 50per day will be taken from 1st day of the following month. In case of non payment of 2 consecutive months, the name of students will be struck off the Register and such students may be readmitted only on payment of all outstanding dues and readmission charge. Statements of dues to wards anything extra on account of medical, excursion, stationary etc will have to be cleared within 15 days of its receipt. No reduction will be made for the absence of children during holidays of broken periods in case of tuition fee, conveyance fee, and computer fee..The fee defaulter are not allowed to appear at examination. The parents/ Guardians are

required to know the mode and date of payment of the fees of their wards themselves. The school is not bound to send the bills to them. All payments should be made in cash. The school reserves its right to revise the fee without prior notice.