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Shri Sanjay Singh


The name “Diksha International School” came into existence in Bhagalpur four years ago and now the very name is pronounced with love, affection, reverence and awe in the field of education. Diksha International School conforming to the most stringent demands of educational standards and can boast of all facilities that a school should have.
The Diksha International School, aims to provide an exciting all round education to prepare students for a personally fulfilling and socially useful life .our conception of a good education is that students be given opportunity to make sense of the world and their place in it.
The Central Board of Secondary Education has changed the methods and methodology of the inculcations and implemented the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. This is the process of assessment wherein learners are continuously assessed by the teacher and class teachers. Child is the divine articulation of the mind, body and soul. So, their every potentiality remains inside them and the teachers are to take out their Excellency by not rubbing them.

Teachers, parents, people of society and undersigned have a great responsibility to prepare the new generation to meet global need. We must try to lit a fire in mind and heart of pupil to see a dream and work on that. At the time of Globalization, marketization and industrilialisation, world is a big domain for opportunity but with this, there is a great challenge to for the present generation. To cope with this challenge, parents, teachers, people of societies have onus for this. We should provide better education, life style and room to fly in the endless sky of dream so that Diskitis can do better in their future Endeavour.
I greet you on and in this sanctimonious vidyalaya. You are the assets and respiration of this society in miniature. Hope better from the best. At last but not the least, I would like to request all the parents and guardians of kids to have and have some quality time to spend with your ward as I believe that our sons and daughters like presence not the present Looking forward to your cordial co-operation.

Thanking You!
Shri Sanjay Singh